Assad sends thousands of Syrian mercenaries to Russia

The pace of recruitment of thousands of members of local and partisan militias affiliated with the Syrian regime is accelerating, to fight alongside the Russian army in its invasion of Ukrainian territory, with the expectation that the Russians will push these elements into the hottest fronts and to fight inside the cities. Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said during a meeting of the Russian Security Council on Friday that 16,000 "volunteers" in the Middle East are ready to fight with Russian-backed separatists in the Donbas region (eastern Ukraine). For his part, Russian President Vladimir Putin said during the meeting: "If you see that all these people want to come to help the people who live in Donbas of their own volition and not for money, then we should give them what they want and help them get to the conflict zone."


In this context, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters Friday that the Russian Defense Minister noted that "most of the people who want and asked (to fight) are citizens of countries in the Middle East and Syria." The regime mobilizes thousands in favor of Russia The Syrian regime began mobilizing its efforts to recruit thousands of young men from militias affiliated with it, and from the Fifth Corps, which includes thousands of young men who were fighting in the opposition ranks and made settlements with the regime.


And pages on social media affiliated with the regime published explanations about “volunteering” to fight in Ukraine alongside the Russians, noting that there are (tempting) financial advantages, in a blatant attempt to push young people to apply to the registration offices in the recruitment divisions spread throughout the regime-controlled areas. On Friday, the Russian "Zvezda" channel broadcast a video clip showing hundreds of mercenaries of the regime forces who are declaring their readiness to go and fight alongside the Russian forces against the Ukrainian forces. Local sources in the city of Hama stated that the Russian Operations Coordination Center at the Hmeimim base is trying to attract mercenaries from all areas under the control of the Syrian regime, in return for monthly salaries ranging between 300 and 600 dollars, depending on combat experience.


She pointed out that the Russians put combat training as a condition for those who wish to volunteer to be accepted. The sources revealed that "poverty and the need may push some to go to Ukraine, in light of the lack of hopes for any economic breakthrough in Syria," explaining that the regime imposes on some local militias to secure a certain number of mercenaries.


The Wall Street Journal, citing US officials, reported that Russia is recruiting Syrian mercenaries with experience in urban guerrilla warfare to fight in Ukraine.


In the capital, Damascus, informed sources indicated that the ruling "Baath" party and some Palestinian factions are preparing mercenaries to send them to fight alongside the Russians in return for monthly salaries and compensation in case of injury, and "rewarding rewards after the end." . From the war. 


Sending mercenaries to fight alongside the Russians leaves no doubt that the regime has become a mere vassal of the Russians dictating what they should and should not do. The Syrian regime "wants to plunge the reconciliation youth into the Ukrainian Holocaust, thus satisfying the Russians on the one hand and getting rid of the largest possible number of young people whose loyalty the regime does not guarantee." Accept these young men in its forces at all. 


The Russian army "wants to avoid the fall of its elements in battles, by engaging mercenaries on the front lines, street wars, and gangs inside Ukrainian cities."