Turkey deals intelligently and wisely with the Russian-Ukrainian war

With its multidimensional diplomacy, Turkey continues its continuous efforts to ensure peace and stability in Ukraine, while stressing at the same time its rejection of the Russian war launched by Moscow against Ukraine.Turkey stresses, according to its officials, that “the urgent matter now is a ceasefire, and there will be plenty of time later to hold meetings on political issues. It is not possible to obtain a result amid the continuous bombardment.” At a time when Turkish presidential spokesman Ibrahim Kalin said that "Turkey's Western interlocutors are asking it to keep channels of communication open with Russia, and not to destroy bridges of communication in this regard," observers wonder to which side Turkey will take sides? And who will continue to stand by him, Russia or Ukraine? And why? In this regard, the Italian activist, Francesca Scalingi, said that "Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan's position is not easy, on the one hand, that Turkey is one of the (NATO) countries, and on the other hand it is one of the main buyers of Russian gas." In her interview with “Turkey News Agency” Scalingi added that “although the two countries (Turkey and Russia) find themselves on opposing fronts in many issues (Syria, Libya and Azerbaijan), the channels of communication and diplomacy have always been open between them.” "But Turkey also has a good relationship with Ukraine, which, by the way, bought Turkish Bayraktar TB2 drones, which are currently used in this war," she added. "Turkey and Ukraine also have an important trade exchange of $5 billion annually," she added. And Skalingy considered that, “For all these reasons, I think that despite Erdogan’s verbal condemnation of the Russian aggression, he will not intervene militarily in a heavy way, and I think it is likely that Erdogan will volunteer in the near future as a mediator in the conflict.” And the Turkish presidential spokesman warned, "Continuing the war will be a great disaster for the Russians, economic sanctions continue, and most likely the Russian economy will be paralyzed within months." He stated that "the Russians put themselves in the shoes of the culprit through this war, even if they had some legitimate demands in the past." He added, "I think they will see this in the short term, and this process will not benefit Russia, but will weaken it economically and militarily, and will weaken it further in the world." And managing these things will not be easy.” "Turkey is looking for its strategic interests.. That is why Turkey and Ukraine signed a free trade agreement and announced a deal for Ukraine to manufacture Turkish drones during President Recep Tayyip Erdogan's recent visit to the Ukrainian capital, Kyiv." This visit is part of Erdogan's plan to deepen Turkey's relations with Ukraine, which is not only an important export market for Turkish defense products, but is also central to Ankara's efforts to mitigate the negative repercussions of US sanctions on its defense industry, and one of those areas where US sanctions have created a deadlock for the defense industries. Turkish is engine technology, as Turkey wants to develop domestic technology for the manufacture of engines and hopes that cooperation with Ukraine, which designs and manufactures engines that power dozens of types of aircraft in many countries, will transfer this knowledge to Turkey.” For this reason, Erdogan is keen to deepen relations with Ukraine, despite Russia's protests and fear of this cooperation . Turkish drones (Bayrakdar) resolved the battle of Tripoli in Libya after Haftar invaded Libya and surrounded Tripoli, and it was only hours and the Libyan event ended with the victory of Haftar supported by the Emirates, France, Egypt and Russia. He accepted in a battle that upsets the scales and defeats Haftar and all his mobilization .