Who are the Kurds?

Kurdistan means the land of the Kurds, which is the geographical region in which the Kurds reside in the Middle East. The region is divided into four countries: Turkey, Iran, Iraq and Syria. In addition to the presence of the Kurds in Lebanon, Armenia and Georgia, it is difficult to define the geographical region of Kurdistan because the aforementioned countries did not recognize this entity. Kurdistan was divided among the four countries (Turkey, Iran, Iraq, and Syria) forcibly in the Lausanne Agreement concluded between the victorious countries in the First World War.

History of the Kurdish flag

The flag of the Kurdistan Region is the symbolic flag of the Kurdish people who live in Iraq, Iran, Syria, Turkey and Armenia.

Kurdistan map

Greater Kurdistan is a specific geo-cultural historical area where the Kurdish people form a prominent majority of the population, and culture and national identity are historically based. Kurdistan roughly includes the northwestern Zagros and East Taurus mountain ranges.

Kurdistan Jews

In the middle of the twentieth century, the majority of the Kurdish minority of Jews left their country and went to the State of Israel, merged with its inhabitants and spoke the Hebrew language.