Will the wars ever end?

Russia is considered one of those countries that inherited the veto illegally from the former Soviet Union, and the rest of the international organizations, especially the United Nations, which could not develop itself and update its approach in a way that parallels the rhythm of new international developments, and instead of working with this right and these organizations A humanitarian message and the establishment of justice among states, has become the functions of an end-of-service reward for some political leaders who have lost their powers to serve their countries. What made these organizations a humiliation for the individual in the world, as they drifted into the political quagmire created by international conflicts, especially as they are required at this time more than ever to take and research decisive positions on international conflicts. For new mechanisms for the development of international law and its criminal support, otherwise the world will be in danger in light of the increasing global arms race, as some countries have reached the development of their weapons to the point that they may possess some kilograms of weapons. That would enable them to wipe out the entire world.Since it was difficult or impossible to voluntarily change the world and give up the throne of the race towards arms in a moral and voluntary manner, and the aforementioned international organizations were unable to update their laws, and in the face of this reality, it seems that war is the bitter alternative to creating a new reality, even if the Russian-Ukrainian war is today surrounded by its borders. The current world atmosphere will remain cloudy with armaments and smell of war and it will explode at any moment, and although it will be a devastating war if it occurs - God forbid - but it will be a prelude to a new world and one of its most important features:


1- The emergence of new countries that compete with traditional countries in the leadership of the world


2- The existence of new international legal and humanitarian organizations that are relatively advanced from the previous international organizations now


3- We will be faced with new international treaties and international obligations that will supersede all previous international treaties


The field will become open to new political systems and ideologies that may differ from their predecessors in the past decades.