The concept of information security

It is the protection of information and data circulating on the Internet from tampering, sabotage and alteration, or from any danger that threatens it, such as the arrival of any person who is not authorized to access it, tampering with its data and access it, by providing the necessary means and methods to protect it from internal and external risks, and the issue of information security is an old topic However, the need and demand for it increased with the spread of the use of the Internet and dependence on it in all areas of life, which required the transfer of data and information across multiple networks, and the spread of social networks provided an urgent need for this.

How to create a Facebook account

Facebook is: A site that was officially launched on February 4, 2004 AD, and it is being used; For social networking, which is considered the most popular social network on the Internet; As the number of active users by 2012 reached nearly one billion users, but it increased in 2018 to about 2.27 billion monthly users, and this site provides the ability to share photos, text messages and videos, in addition to sharing status and feelings and a fun site, available on a daily basis In a regular way, so that the new user does not have difficulty understanding or using it; Anyone, even if they are not technical or knowledgeable about technology, can start posting and sharing information on Facebook; Facebook's success is due to its ability to attract individual and corporate users, as well as its ability to interact with websites, by providing an effective single login across multiple sites.

How to create a new email?

When creating an email, you must adhere to certain matters related to the email address, including the following: The user name must follow the (@) symbol, which is followed by the domain name (in English: Domain Name), and it is prohibited to have more than one (@) symbol in the mail address Electronic.