You often think of yourself as a solid mountain, steadfast and able to confront and withstand, but you may reach a point where you almost feel that your strength has failed and your resolve has reached its lowest point... But in the darkest and most painful nights, our mission is to find hope and revive it. Then you will find yourself fighting to hold on to it with all your might. Whatever strength you have been given... As long as we are here, there is hope!


Do not let despair control you. Do not let it control you and throw you into life as it pleases. Try to defeat it and do not let it control you and defeat you. Despair is a deadly disease. Once it takes hold of your soul, it will continue to spread throughout every piece of it like a malignant tumor until it completely destroys it. You live in life without a soul, and when you reach this point, you will become as if you never were. For everyone to let you down is an easy matter that can be overcome, but for you to let yourself down is a clear loss.


You may sometimes reach a point of collapse, but with firm faith and strong determination you will overcome all of that... and you will emerge from this war with a bright smile... Yes, life is a big war, but what distinguishes it from other wars is that it does not end as long as we remain alive. This war ends with our end. It will either end for us or against us! War is a debate between your burdensome pain and your happiness.. You face some sorrows that change your heart sometimes and they triumph over you, or you triumph over them and leave them behind you..


This is life, nothing lasts forever! Sadness triumphs once and happiness triumphs a thousand times. Yes, the causes of happiness are many before you, but we are the ones who wrong ourselves when we submit to sadness that restricts us. God was truthful when he said, “Man is oppressive and ignorant.” We wrong ourselves by restricting it in a shell with dark corners, as if we are afraid to see that light. We are afraid that it will penetrate into our chests and illuminate the darkness inside us that we have become accustomed to. We are afraid that it will weaken our sight or blind our vision. No, my friend, this light will change the course of your life, it will guide you to what you are looking for! Instead of this dark tunnel in which you were walking wandering on your face, not knowing your path and what awaits you in it... Ask yourself a lot: Was I created in vain, or was I created for a specific goal that must be achieved?


And know that God did not create any of us in vain in this life, in vain with our minds and sterile thinking.. You must cling to some dreams even if you think they are weak, for dreams are the guide and they are the companion. The path of life.. When you feel disappointed by everyone, do not pay attention to them, but look in front of you. There you will find dreams that continue to support you until you continue... Yes, everyone lets you down, and dreams remain the solid wall on which you lean. They remain a source of hope and a source of strength in life.


Friend, do not let your despair overwhelm you, and do not let your sorrows trap you in a narrow corner. Be patient on that path, for the road of life is long and full of difficulties, and reaching its end requires effort and hardship. Fight with yourself with all your strength. Do not sit on the ruins of your past and cry over... What you missed from life... We take from our past what helps us in our future and leave what remains behind us and move on!