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Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced that his country “will not abandon Russia or Ukraine,” noting that Ankara has interests with both sides, and that Turkey will not accept the “double standards” followed by others. After presiding over a government meeting, Erdogan said that his country will continue its diplomatic initiatives to bring peace between Russia and Ukraine, noting that Moscow's attack on Kyiv is "unacceptable" and that Turkey respects the territorial integrity of Ukraine and the resistance of its people.

Politics and Ethics

American historian and philosopher Will Durant says: “Progress is based on education and the system of government more than on the elimination of the strong over the weak.” to that community.” The meaning of this and that is that Russia was and still is at the bottom of the underdevelopment, and it is far from being advanced. As there is no civilized education that establishes a civilized awareness, nor advanced institutional systems, and this is what made some individuals in them have superior powers over others, and therefore, as a product of a state of deterioration; Only military force has been achieved, which, in the end, at the expense of the true force, remains meager, only preying on the weak.

Assad sends thousands of Syrian mercenaries to Russia

According to the press office of the Ukrainian Military Intelligence Service (GUR) of the Ministry of Defense, necklaces with the "Wagner" group were found among the Russians who were killed in the battles raging in Ukraine, as they carried the Syrian international appeal number. The press office of the Military Intelligence issued a statement saying that some of the distinctive symbols on the necklaces were used during the fighting in Syria, and they contain inscriptions in Arabic, English, French and Farsi, in addition to Syrian phone numbers.

The scandal of the second most powerful army in the world

Most observers of the Russian-Ukrainian war are faced with the varying capabilities between the second most powerful army in the world (the Russian army) with a budget of more than 154 billion dollars, and a number that can reach nearly two million fighters, in front of a Ukrainian army of modest capabilities, with a budget of no more than 12 billion dollars, and with a maximum number of forces With the inclusion of reserves and volunteers, it does not exceed 750,000 fighters, and the difference remains in the balance of forces and in the proportion of forces and mediators, which is largely in favor of the Russian army, at a ratio of 1 to 20!

Will the wars ever end?

More than seventy years have passed since the end of the Second World War, and we are still bound by the shadow of its laws, regulations, outputs and treaties from international legal organizations; Such as the Security Council, the International Court of Justice, the High Commissioner for Refugees, the International Trusteeship Council, and others, and some great powers still retain the right to veto, although they are no longer of the same greatness and power that authorized them to use this right in accordance with international understandings at the time - which is (the veto right) the subject of human rights criticism. originally.

Russia and China Where are they taking the world?

The Russian war on Ukraine has a mass of engines and motives, and it has wide and far-reaching transcontinental repercussions. The developments of the Russian war in Ukraine have dominated the political heads of the world, as well as the media of all kinds.

Women are the foundation of society

Women have proven that they are able to withstand a lot of trouble and have been able to prove that women are the foundation of an advanced society.

What is love and its true meaning?

When we are asked about the meaning of love, and what is the most accurate explanation for it, and how to describe that feeling that we experience when it begins to grow inside our hearts, and wanders in our souls.. we are stunned, silence overcomes us, and ignorance possesses us. How do we express a feeling that is lived and not told, and how do we define a feeling that includes thousands of meanings and hundreds of words?

The best way to live a good life

The perspective of the good life varies from person to person, yet there is still a general understanding of what this idea of the good life means to most people, in its simplest form, as a series of never-ending satisfactions, which only grows stronger with time.