Love knows neither the impossible nor distances

The Ache of Distance ..For Marco and Jenna, the miles between them were a constant ache. Marco lived in A distant country, his days filled with the endless bustle of That City. Jenna was across Also in a far away country, chasing her dream of becoming a screenwriter. 

Conspiracy theories between fact and fiction

In the age of unprecedented access to information, conspiracy theories have gained great appeal and popularity. These theories often rely on fictional accounts, cherry-picked evidence, and a sense of mystery to captivate the minds of individuals searching for alternative explanations for major events or phenomena. While some conspiracy theories may contain a kernel of truth, many are based on unfounded claims and myths that lack reliable evidence. My goal is to debunk some of the most widespread conspiracy theory myths and highlight the truth behind them.


Self-esteem is a fundamental aspect of human psychology that affects our thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. It is the self-assessment of our worth, worth and capabilities. A healthy level of self-esteem is crucial to personal well-being, as it shapes our confidence, resilience, and overall satisfaction with life. The importance of self-esteem, its determinants, and strategies for developing and maintaining a positive self-image.

The power of self-love

In a world often focused on accomplishments and external comparisons, self-love stands as a transformative force that allows us to develop a deep sense of acceptance, compassion, and appreciation for ourselves. Self-love is not just an indulgence or a selfish act; It is an essential foundation for personal growth, happiness, and overall well-being. By realizing our inherent worth and learning how to prioritize our own needs, we begin a journey of self-discovery and empowerment. We'll explore the importance of self-love, its benefits, and practical steps you can take to foster a loving relationship with yourself.

If you don't understand my silence

We were young and had that childish heart, a heart that never knew hatred, a heart that had never been afflicted by pain and had never been disturbed by the calamities of time. That heart at that time was filled with serenity like the serenity of a moonlit night on a warm spring day. The heart was full of all the bright colors of spring and had never known black. .

Go where your heart is comfortable

Every heart has its own doctrine that it follows, and each of us has a path to follow, and we are not forced to take different paths. And to erase the dreams that we had while awake and asleep so that they would be lost. We do not have to follow the whims of those who want us to go astray. In order to gain satisfaction from them. We must know that the paths that we did not take from the beginning with our full will will eventually end up on a slope that takes us into a deep place filled with darkness and from which it is difficult for us to get out.

Turn your dream into reality

Many of us have some ambitions and dreams that float before us in the vast expanse of space, and we strive in various ways to achieve these dreams that accompany them when awake and in their sleep. Many people seek a radical change in their lives by setting some great goals and beautiful pictures of the future that awaits them, but unfortunately, only the very few achieve their goals and reach their dreams that they have always wished for so much. But there are some obstacles that prevent a person from achieving what he desires, which is their lack of knowledge of the foundations, principles, and rules upon which dreams are built and realized.

do not run

Nothing is forgotten. If you try hard to erase the memories of your past. You will find memories secretly creeping up on you to whisper in your ears. Nothing is forgotten, my friend. Yes, the memories of your past that you are trying so hard to forget are engraved on the wall of your heart. It may fade due to the factors of time, but it exists! Your memories are nothing but a dormant volcano that erupts with every blow you receive, burning the remains of your soul... until you feel that your heart cannot contain you... No, not just your heart. You will then feel that this vast universe around you has become narrow! Yes, it is so narrow that it almost suffocates you or breaks your ribs... but when this volcano calms down, this remaining ashes of your soul must turn into fertile ground in which your new soul will flourish and become solid and full of hope. life...

Parting is very difficult

Parting is very difficult because it is difficult to part with a soul that was part of you. Without being sad or in pain, there is nothing more difficult than parting with loved ones. They leave and leave scars in the heart that do not go away, even if days pass and years pass. Without them, the heart cries and the tears of the eyes dry up. How difficult it is when you search for your tears and do not find them! You search for it to extinguish the flame of longing and the burning flame of your heart. You search for it to ease the burden of pain and its intensity on yourself, but it refuses to come down, so it continues to burn and your heart burns until it becomes ashes.

My love, you are my everything

Love is a powerful emotion that has the power to change lives in profound ways. When we find someone who understands us, supports us, and brings happiness to our lives, the need to have them by our side becomes undeniable. In my case, my girlfriend became an indispensable part of my life. It meets my emotional, mental and even physical needs. The reasons why my beloved is always in my heart, mind, soul and life and the ways she enriches my existence.

The feeling of separation from my beloved

Separation is an inherent part of the human experience. Throughout our lives, we experience various forms of separation, whether it's from our loved ones, our jobs, our homes, or even our own identities. While a breakup can bring up feelings of sadness, uncertainty, and loss, it is also a catalyst for growth, self-discovery, and new beginnings.

Unveiling the Profound Impact of Emotional Trauma

Emotional trauma is a profound and often hidden affliction that can leave lasting scars on an individual's psyche. It transcends physical wounds, delving into the realm of the mind and emotions. Whether caused by a single traumatic event or a series of distressing experiences, emotional trauma can disrupt one's sense of self, impair relationships, and impede personal growth. This essay aims to shed light on the nature of emotional trauma, its effects on individuals, and the importance of healing and support in overcoming its debilitating consequences.


Since you took me away from your embrace and made me feel so wronged, you left me alone, and all your promises to me were like a house made of sand on the beach.You don't know how I suffer every day in your absence. You don't know how much I love you. Believe me, you don't know. Maybe I'm really bad luck for you, but you're wrong. I'm not bad luck, but your mind and those around you only portrayed that to you.But, my love, I miss your beautiful eyes, I miss the sparkle in your eyes, I miss the smile of your eyes


Love, a concept that has captivated poets, philosophers, and dreamers for centuries, holds profound significance in the human experience. True love, in particular, goes beyond superficial infatuation and fleeting emotions, to include a deeper connection that brings tremendous meaning to our lives. I want to delve into the essence of true love, exploring its transformative power, the qualities that define it, and its impact on personal growth and self-fulfillment.

My love, you are the first and the last

I loved you and left my heart with you while your heart is still beating inside me. I cannot be without you. Yes, I suffer every day in your absence, but I scream silently and only deep inside can hear me.Love has the power to inspire, transform and bring immense joy to our lives. In the journey of love, there are moments when we meet someone who becomes the embodiment of our dreams and desires. For me, this person is my lover, my life's dream.


Love is a powerful force that can fill our lives with joy, warmth, and a sense of completeness. However, when our loved one is gone, we are often left struggling with a void that seems impossible to fill. The absence of a loved one can bring up a whirlwind of emotions, ranging from longing and sadness to confusion and even anger.

I miss you, my Princess

As I sit here alone, writing my thoughts, my heart is filled with overwhelming love for you. Words alone cannot express the depth of my feelings or how much I love you. But I want to convey part of what I feel to you. You left me and went, but you are in my heart that beats with your love forever

I am the oppressed,O justice of heaven

The sudden departure of your loved one can trigger a range of intense emotions, including shock, confusion, sadness, anger, and abandonment. It is important to acknowledge and accept these feelings as a natural part of the healing process. Give yourself permission to grieve the loss and understand that it is okay to experience a range of rollercoaster emotions during this time.If you truly love him, you must stay and hold on to that even if he leaves. He does not know that for me, he has left in body, but in my heart he has not left, in my mind he has not left, and in my soul he has not left.Sometimes there are people who pay the price for their stupidity when they leave just because of doubts in feelings


A girl named Jamila suffered a lot in her life and was searching for true love. She was suffering silently and screaming silently, and no one could hear the warm voice of her heart. Everyone is trying to extinguish the flame of love in her heart. She even forgot herself and lived suffering in silence until...?

Don't be unfair

Injustice, a term that is woven into the fabric of society, represents a situation in which justice, fairness, and moral rightness are absent. It is an unwelcome companion that has plagued humanity throughout history, manifesting itself in various forms such as social, economic, racial and gender inequality. The struggle against injustice is an ongoing battle, a collective effort to create a more just and equal world. In this article, I have ideas for us to delve deeper into the profound impact of injustice, its root causes, and the urgent need for change.

The Power of Honesty in Love: Building Trust and Authentic Connections

Love is a complex and beautiful emotion that forms the foundation of our most intimate relationships. It involves vulnerability, trust, and the unspoken promise to share our lives with someone else. However, the journey of love is not always smooth, and navigating its complexities requires a strong commitment to honesty. In this article I will write what I believe in order to explore the importance of honesty in love, its transformative power in relationships, and the benefits it brings to both individuals and the connection they share.

The Art of Holding On to Love: Nurturing Lasting Connections

Love is a powerful and transformative force that has the ability to bring immense joy, meaning, and fulfillment into our lives. Yet, in a world marked by constant change and fleeting relationships, holding on to love can be a challenging endeavor. Whether it's a romantic partnership, a friendship, or a familial bond, maintaining and nurturing love requires effort, commitment, and a deep understanding of its significance. In this article, we explore the art of holding on to love and offer valuable insights and practical techniques to help you cultivate lasting connections.

The Intricate Tapestry of Dreams in Love: Exploring the Depths of the Heart

Love, the mysterious force that nourishes our souls, has long been an object of fascination and excitement. It permeates our lives, shapes our experiences, and often finds its way into the world of dreams. Dreams of love have captivated artists, philosophers, and poets throughout history because they offer a glimpse into the depths of our emotions and the complexities of our relationships. In this article, I will write what is on my mind so that we can begin a journey to uncover the secrets of dreams in love and explore their importance in our lives.

The Power of Sincerity: Building Authentic Connections in a Disconnected World

In a world that often seems full of superficiality and pretense, honesty is a breath of fresh air. It's a quality that resonates deeply with people, forms real connections and fosters trust. Sincerity is the antidote to the masks we wear and the facades we create, allowing us to embrace our true selves and connect with others on a deeper level. In this article, I will write you my point of view to explore the importance of loyalty and how it can change our relationships and lives.

The Essence of True Love: A Profound Connection Beyond Boundaries

Love, a universal emotion that permeates the very fabric of human existence, has inspired countless tales, poems, and songs throughout history. It is an enigmatic force that transcends barriers, defies reason, and touches the deepest recesses of our souls. Within the realm of love lies a concept that has fascinated minds for centuries: true love. True love, often portrayed as an idealized and elusive phenomenon, represents a profound connection that goes beyond superficiality and endures the test of time. In this article, we delve into the essence of true love, exploring its characteristics, the journey to discover it, and the transformative power it holds.

Your love runs through my soul

Learn to love first, then set aside a day to celebrate. Arab poet Nizar Qabbani said that love is not an oriental novel, and in the end the heroes get married, it was very sincere and deep. And love is not limited to a day or to temporary feelings. We must understand the sanctity of love, believe in it, live in its shadow, deal with it, give it and breathe it.

Your love still beats in my heart

Your love is still in my heart and your image does not leave my imagination.

Love is when you see your destiny in the eyes of your lover, you find his action precedes his words, his feelings precede his revelation, his soul does not leave you, his happiness near you reads it in his eyes, he is not incapacitated by distances, and he is not distracted by a concern if he wants to reach you. Love is to reach the farthest and most arduous places and not feel the trouble of distance, love is safety and reassurance, love is too great to be shortened by a word or a verse.

What does love do to us?

Sincere feelings of love, sympathy, and forgiveness are a positive feeling that makes one feel happy, and because love is the essence of life, it makes the individual kinder to those around him and also feels happy to help them. A loving person spreads an atmosphere of joy around him, especially since these feelings make individuals stronger and bolder, and give him hope for life, energy and inexhaustible activity, along with the power of positive and creative thinking. Emotions have a strong internal effect on the body that is reflected on the individual, as reported by “Physiology Today”, which referred to the most prominent changes that affect a person as a result of positive emotions related to falling in love. she:

I will always love you

Love is beautiful and magical, love is something spiritual and sensual! It can never be touched, only we can feel it and live in its vast enchanting space. Therefore, it will not do you any good to repeat with your tongue the ideas and feelings that you embrace and believe, because they may be wrong or corrupt. Or some of them are correct and some of them are corrupt and I think there is no other possibility! What makes us sure of our thoughts and feelings is life itself when we live in it more, when our souls and all corners of our bodies melt more in love.

Some argue that the word "love" exists

Some argue for the existence of the word "love" in the first place, not to mention talking about higher levels of representations of this feeling, such as attachment and dissolution in the other. But it seems that one does not have the luxury to deny the existence of this feeling, or in the words of the French philosopher Alain Badiou in his book "In Praise of Love" Eloge de l'amour: "The person who does not take love as his starting point will never know what philosophy is." I wish to know philosophy, and search for it as a stranger searches for the homeland.

Love will remain

And love will remain over time and in all ages. It is the most beautiful shade in which the human soul dwells and is sheltered by it from the glow of life and its fragments. In our lives, the train of life passes quickly and passes, carrying with it days and nights of all its colors, and mixed with those colors, relationships with people around us, whether they are friends, neighbors or colleagues. Each of them has a specific role and a specific period in the movie of the life of each of us, and once that role ends, those relationships and their companions go into oblivion, but one thing among all the intertwined details of life, its mixed colors and volatile days, is never forgotten.

When we get involved in love

When we get involved in love from where we don't know, we should realize that love alone is not enough to succeed in it, it requires several things and a set of sacrifices with the ability to continue in the most desperate and miserable moments, and in the absence of this ability we may get lost in the crowd of temporary desires, and admiration It means nothing in front of what the world of love imposes, and a disappointment that pushes us to withdraw from the world of love temporarily or permanently.

Miracles and love

Love works miracles. I saw with my own eyes a dog and a cat sleeping on each other to warm themselves. The two loved each other and feared for each other, as the Egyptian philosopher Ibrahim al-Fiqi says.Most believe that miracles mean only turning the stick into a snake, or the splitting of the moon, and they also believe, that the saying “love makes miracles” is nothing but a myth, as the time of miracles ended years and years ago, but science has proven the opposite, and found that love He really does miracles, but miracles of a different kind.

I'm with you I breathe love

Love is the basis of this life. Love is the joy of real life. You are in this world to develop forms of love and to leave your mark in it. Sacrifice in love is the person giving up some of the things he loves or used to for the sake of his partner and for the continuation of the relationship, and although it is not easy to make sacrifice, it supports your partner and your emotional relationship in a positive way, but love does not necessarily have to be a sacrifice. that the relationship requires sacrificing your mental health and emotional well-being so you should quit; Because these sacrifices will not benefit you and the relationship, and you should not offer them. Love is a compromise and depends on concessions more than sacrifices. Compromises are made with simple daily things from both sides of the relationship. As for the sacrifices, they are big and stressful and depend on difficult decisions to take and are often one-sided.

Love is the basis of life

The Arab philosopher Jalal al-Din al-Rumi said, “The heart of a lover never rests unless the beloved reciprocates with him. And when the light of love shines in the heart, that means that there is a feeling of love in the other heart.” Hence, love and its intense emotions have a great impact on its owner, not only affecting the mind, but also closely related to the individual’s positive view of the world.

This is my advice to you if you want to build a happy family?

Happy families share certain basic characteristics. In the following space, we will review some of the pillars that experts believe are indispensable to creating a home filled with love, fun and vitality.Tolstoy was right, happy families are all alike. They share specific basic features:

Freedom, justice and equality

The issue of freedom, whether at the individual level or at the level of groups and even at the level of states, has become the focus of attention these days. It is true that the word freedom is an easy word that one can say without realizing it or actually living it. A drunken murderer and thief may justify his wrongdoing by claiming that what he has done is at liberty. What does freedom mean?

Why do I love Jesus Christ?

Who can talk about the unique personality of Christ and give it its due..?!! Everything we say would be an attempt to get close to the personality of Christ, who was within the reach of everyone who wanted to get close to Him; Illuminating some aspects as much as the Lord gives us the grace to understand or speak.

Politics and Ethics

American historian and philosopher Will Durant says: “Progress is based on education and the system of government more than on the elimination of the strong over the weak.” to that community.” The meaning of this and that is that Russia was and still is at the bottom of the underdevelopment, and it is far from being advanced. As there is no civilized education that establishes a civilized awareness, nor advanced institutional systems, and this is what made some individuals in them have superior powers over others, and therefore, as a product of a state of deterioration; Only military force has been achieved, which, in the end, at the expense of the true force, remains meager, only preying on the weak.

You will find that life is still worthwhile, if you smile.

Life is a small word, but it bears all meanings. Life is people, days and events, and it is sadness and joy, and it is the four seasons with all their vicissitudes, which are family, farewell, meeting and much more. Life is a mixture of everything, and its consequences may differ from one person to another, but Despite this difference, life remains life in its broad meaning that no person can comprehend in all respects, and the greatest and deepest meanings have been said in life, but no one has been able to describe it in its true meaning.

Assad sends thousands of Syrian mercenaries to Russia

According to the press office of the Ukrainian Military Intelligence Service (GUR) of the Ministry of Defense, necklaces with the "Wagner" group were found among the Russians who were killed in the battles raging in Ukraine, as they carried the Syrian international appeal number. The press office of the Military Intelligence issued a statement saying that some of the distinctive symbols on the necklaces were used during the fighting in Syria, and they contain inscriptions in Arabic, English, French and Farsi, in addition to Syrian phone numbers.

Women are the foundation of society

Women have proven that they are able to withstand a lot of trouble and have been able to prove that women are the foundation of an advanced society.

What is love and its true meaning?

When we are asked about the meaning of love, and what is the most accurate explanation for it, and how to describe that feeling that we experience when it begins to grow inside our hearts, and wanders in our souls.. we are stunned, silence overcomes us, and ignorance possesses us. How do we express a feeling that is lived and not told, and how do we define a feeling that includes thousands of meanings and hundreds of words?

The best way to live a good life

The perspective of the good life varies from person to person, yet there is still a general understanding of what this idea of the good life means to most people, in its simplest form, as a series of never-ending satisfactions, which only grows stronger with time.