Someone said to me: Follow the path that you believe in and in which you find yourself. Draw many dreams and ambitions to reach the sky. Do not let your dreams turn upside down, and do not let them dissipate as a result of criticism you face from this and that, or harsh sarcasm that destroys you. Criticisms and sarcasm are capable of... The highest mountains will fall if you are not determined. If you do not have a firm belief in what you want, you will not be able to face this world that specializes in self-destruction without mercy! Go on a path that you are comfortable with and do not give in to what they say so that the trails of regret do not run over you for giving in to them and throwing your dreams aside as if you never had the right to decide your fate.. Never give up on anything you want and do what your heart tells you without paying attention to anyone.


Whoever that person is and no matter how important he is in your life, wisdom says, “People’s satisfaction is an unattainable goal.” So make life as you want and open new horizons for yourself. Do not wait for this person’s praise or that person’s approval. What is most important is pleasing yourself.. If we take a path that we never agreed to and it was not of our complete will. We will remain lost in this life, unable to make a decision on our own, and we will need someone to plan our lives for us, and all we have to do is cross that path, even if the heart is filled with discontent, and yet we will continue the wandering we started... We are the ones who made our necks thinner than A hair is under the hands of others, who control it however they want. Even if they take it to the fire and throw it, not a hair will shake us. Because we simply handed them the keys to our lives!


Go where your heart feels comfortable. Go where you desire. Follow the path of your heart, for it will inevitably lead you to an end that satisfies you. Even if the end does not satisfy you, you will gain limitless experiences that will help you make a new beginning. Go where you feel safe. Go where peace overwhelms you. Do not take... A forced direction, do what you love and be part of something you enjoy even if you are in it alone. You will find yourself reaching the peak of creativity and you will feel happiness overwhelming you as you achieve your limitless ambitions. Listen to others within the limits of what suits you, and do not allow them to tamper with your life as if it is their acquired right.


Do not wait for anyone, for waiting is difficult and brings nothing but boredom to the heart. You feel as if time is running out while you stand still in your place, not moving a finger! Whoever wants something that comes from deep within him does not wait at all, but rather finds there a hidden force that pushes him to continue and keeps him away from procrastination.. He will find that within him is a determination capable of leading an entire world.. Each of us has special abilities with which he fights many battles in life and confronts those around him with many conflicts. .. It is difficult for humans to exist in one pattern, for God created the universe from a group of contradictions, so how can all these humans be in one pattern?!


It is not necessary for your internal inclinations to be like the inclinations of others, so do not strive to become like them. Search within yourself well. You will find within you latent abilities. Looking at them and exploiting them will make you the best. Give yourself the full confidence you need to walk without looking back and without caring about the obstacles you face. Search within yourself well. About the sources of your strengths and weaknesses, and knowing yourself well and clearly; Then knowing which path to take will become easier than you expected!