I'm with you I breathe love

The idea of sacrifice in love can be a little difficult, but it is possible, and often both partners have to make some sacrifices to ensure the continuity of the relationship, and both partners must be willing to make sacrifices and compromises. Privacy: When you choose to share your life with another person, it is normal for your partner to know everything about you and know many details about your life, which means you will lose some privacy in your life and it is one of the sacrifices you make when you love. Conflicts in a romantic relationship are inevitable, but when you disagree with your partner it is important to ask yourself whether this argument is worth trying to prove that your opinion is correct and that you are right. You compromise a bit and accept your partner's point of view even if you don't agree with it, but only on the small, unimportant things. Your goals when you are single differ from your goals when you are associated with someone, and this does not mean that you give up your dreams and goals, but rather you have to achieve your goals and dreams with your partner in mind in these goals and ambitions, you are one team and you must have common and independent goals, but you must For your partner to be informed when making decisions about independent goals. It is sometimes mentioned in the field of emotional relationships that sacrifices and compromises are the basis of love, and that there is no love or a healthy and peaceful emotional relationship without sacrifice. a valuable thing to acquire or keep; Like an emotional relationship or an important issue, but the middle solution is to abandon the pursuit of a possibility or a better situation than the status quo, so the losses are less than sacrificing something precious or a specific situation you are in right now. But compromises are very emotional and sometimes hard to bear; Because it involves unfinished business and can change the current situation of a person, if a person gives up something, this will not end and it is expected that he will continue to give up many things over time, and this is the opposite of sacrifice, although it is giving up something valuable and accompanied by a difficult feeling, but it is procedures Actual and tangible and its possibility is less, and its consequences can or may be negative or positive, but once you have sacrificed something in your life it means that it is completely over and gone, and the sacrifice makes its owner feel a great emotional burden, yet there is no successful emotional relationship without some sacrifices and compromises, but you must Ask yourself if this relationship is worth the sacrifice and if your partner has made sacrifices and compromises as well. The two partners must think of the emotional relationship as an equation, if one person gives, it will be one-sided, and then the giving person in the relationship will feel that his energy and resources are all drained and does not take in return to recharge his energy, and he will feel exhausted and neglected, and this will cause an imbalance in the relationship in the long run. The relationship must appear balanced and the two parties must sacrifice for this, as long as both partners make effort, sacrifices and concessions to each other, the relationship will remain balanced and healthy. Your wants and needs as a partner are just as important as the wants and needs of your partner. You should have an open dialogue about each other's expectations in this relationship, and understand that both of you need an equal amount of love, respect, and attention. You can give and sacrifice him and what can't be sacrificed and compromised in this relationship. Encourage him to tell you in turn his expectations and what he really wants. The relationship is not self-sacrifice, but rather compromise and a reasonable level of sacrifice on both sides to make. 

Longer lasting and happier relationship: Romantic relationships often last when people are willing to make sacrifices, and spouses are happiest in relationships when they make sacrifices, and although sacrifice must be offered by both parties, offering it from one side may make him feel happy and satisfied.Reciprocate: When your partner is happy because you are making sacrifices for him, he is expected to respond to you in kind and reflect his happiness on you and make sacrifices and concessions for you, and the sacrifice on your part makes your partner feel that you really love him and care about him, and therefore he will sacrifice for you when necessary and your relationship will be successful and healthy .

Mado Balkilo