I will always love you

Love has never been an abstract concept, separate from the rest of the other meanings, but it was and still is a combination of sublime meanings that transcend its owner and raise him up the ladder of sublime feelings. Many define love as a blazing fire, or a time bomb, that may explode at any moment, leaving enormous effects and damage.. I have always agreed with this definition, because in my opinion it is the closest to what is called love, that is a beautiful and quiet melody that soon turns into a loud, deafening song. ears.


I always considered love a lie! What is being promoted and marketed relieved us of the hardship of experimenting, or even trying, so what is the point of making sure of something that does not exist in the first place! I do not think that I am the only one who is convinced of the idea, as many have the same belief, and in fact I do not blame them or blame me, because love is only a container that contains a group of other feelings, which are not inferior to it, but it becomes insignificant if it is emptied of it, and it seems that we sought to possess The interestingly shaped bowl, and when we found it empty, we accused it of lying and slander and threw it aside.


Some describe love as "blind", in fact it is more insightful than we think, as we will not be sure of our love for a person, except when we penetrate him and search his secrets, and discover his secrets, fears and weaknesses, and wander between the pages of his memories and take a glimpse of his past, present, and what he is planning. In his future, we will not be sure of our love unless we know his disadvantages before his virtues, and his weaknesses before his strength.


The first love story witnessed by mankind was before the beginning of history in Paradise, where Adam lived there alone in a vast space until he fell asleep. The next moment of awakening will be recorded by Adam's gaze towards a wonderful, beautiful and wonderful creature, the first look of love in human existence. It is the moment when the eye of love for Adam met with the eye of longing for Eve, to record together the beginning of pure spiritual love that will not defile his spiritual purity except when they eat from the forbidden tree.


The love of Adam and Eve before eating the forbidden tree was a pure spiritual love in which each of them sees nothing but the purity of the other's soul and the beauty and purity of that soul, and it was a pure inclination from every desire. And every look or touch in him addressed the soul and did not pay attention to the body, although they were completely naked, but the nakedness did not mean anything in the presence of the perfect and pure love that took place between them.


Desire is immediate, love is permanent, desire is mortal, and love is immortal. If your attachment to the one you love is attached to a desire, then when your desire is fulfilled, your love ends.Because true love between you is more than just a fleeting desire for a body.


Adam's experience reveals that man, whatever the material good, is nothing in front of the spiritual and psychological good, so Adam was living a complete life materially in heaven, he did not lack anything, and he did not have an unattainable desire. For real fulfillment, but all this did not bring the desired happiness and complete self-satisfaction. Rather, Adam, over time, realized that there was some imperfection in his self-fulfillment, and this imperfection was fulfilled by the creation of Eve.


For Adam, the moment of love represented the moment of achieving self-perfection in the presence of others. Adam's life changed completely after love and became happier and more in harmony with himself. Rather, it came to Adam that, in victory for love, he ate from the forbidden tree with his realization of the divine prohibition only because Eve was the one who gifted it to him.


Adam, of his own free will, chose a life of hardship with love over a life of luxury without it. In the end, psychological and spiritual comfort is much more important than all material goods in heaven. Adam's experience has proven that the true happiness of a person stems from the heart first and foremost, and that people's attachment to material goods will only bring them imaginary happiness.


The meeting and mixing of all these values gives us the value of love, just as understanding this equation pushes us to search for love, which is, in fact, a search for life. And here it comes, "The moment you feel love in your heart... you will discover that the world has completely changed." I can only congratulate the one who filled his vessel with love, because he possessed the weapon with which he will confront the world, and discovered the antidote that will heal all diseases of the soul.

Mado Balkilo