Your love still beats in my heart

Silence full of feeling has a stronger judgment than the judgment of words, and it has radiation and has its own ability to act and influence. And the silent lover can convey his language and his love to the other if the other is at the same level of sensitivity, and if he is also able to hear without ear and speak without articulation.


In love alone, if you water a land other than yours, the grass will grow from it, which will perish most of your crops. Love is capable of transforming barren deserts into heavens, sprouting branches and leaves in dead trunks, quenching thirst, granting tolerance, and reconciling matters and mistakes, no matter how great they are.In love, give as much as you are given, for whoever is gifted with love knowing its value will return it in the same way, or even better.


My love is the trump card in the equation of love. When circumstances, loved ones, and companionship fail us, I find the strong back I can count on. He who depends on a woman who loves him will never fall


If you don't want to forget! Protect love, for it is like a shield, if you polish it well and make it well, it will protect you, and if you are negligent in some of it, then you do not know from which hole the arrow will enter your body.


He who knows charity in love knows very well that every step that the other party takes towards him is nothing but a hollow heart that needs blood to be pumped into it in order to give life.


In love there is no victor. True love never dies Love knows no distance, no land, no nationality, no language, love knows no death or end. L'amour demande une forte audace If you love, don't give up on your love no matter what.In love, you must be a warrior and not give up your love

Mado Balkilo