Love is the basis of life

The emotions that accompany love push the individual to know more about the one he loves, and he possesses strong and flaming emotions towards the one he loves, while the body and mind work and become active three times more than usual, because of the feeling of strength, pride, and victory over all difficulties and facing the world because of this feeling. Even the cells in the body become more active and lively. Love carries multiple changes that fall under the concept of true love, in which both parties complement each other, according to psychologists and energy specialists. Specialists believe that true love carries a positive message and needs care in order to continue and grow. True love includes leaving the lover free by his choices, that is, to make the person close to you, but by his choice and not against his will. When an individual identifies with an attractive personality, and finds that he agrees with her in everything, the emotions associated with him are positive every time he meets him, and he finds himself focusing on new things he likes in the other personality, and these emotions are in line with the feeling of needing to know more about him, which is A positive feeling makes a person feel happy. Love remains an impetus to continue and face life, and it has different vitality and energy, and what helps distinguish true love from others. And everything related to it, also highlights the validity of love.The lover never despairs, and for the smitten heart all things are possible, and as Al-Rumi says, “Look with your heart..and you will know that all the atoms of the universe are in an eternal dance of will know that they are touching the lovers and you will know them.”

Mado Balkilo