Love knows neither the impossible nor distances

When they had first started dating two years ago, the distance had seemed manageable. They made trips to visit each other every few months, their reunions filled with laughter, passion, and the giddy feeling of being together again. Late night phone calls and constant texts helped bridge the gap between their coasts.


But as time went on, the distance became harder to bear. The trips grew less frequent as work and other obligations took up more of their time and money. The spark that had once felt so effortless now required careful nurturing across state lines. 


"It's so hard," Jenna said during one of their weekly video chats, her face blurry on Marco ' screen. "I miss you so much, it aches. I wish I could just hop on a plane and be with you right now."


Marco nodded in understanding, his heart twisting with the same longing. "I know, my love. The distance is torture. But we'll get through this, I promise. As long as we have each other, that's what matters most."


They continued to talk, trading updates about their lives and laughing about inside jokes only they shared. But as the call drew to a close, an unspoken sadness hung in the air between them. The miles that separated them were a gaping chasm, one they weren't sure how to bridge.


Still, they held fast to the hope that one day the distance would close, that they would be able to build a life together without this constant ache of longing. Until then, their love would have to be strong enough to transcend the miles.


As the months passed, the strain of the distance only grew. Marco and Jenna fought more often, their conversations laced with frustration and disappointment. The spark that had once burned so brightly now flickered, threatened to be extinguished by the miles that separated them.


"I don't know how much longer I can do this," Jenna said through tears during one of their calls. "It hurts too much. I miss you so much, it's like a physical ache."


Marco felt the same way, the longing for Jenna touch, her laugh, her comforting presence overwhelming him at times. But he was unwilling to give up on them.


"I know it's hard, my love. Believe me, I feel it too. But we can't give up. Our love is too strong to let the distance destroy it."


They talked for hours, weighing the options, exploring ways they could close the gap. But the logistics seemed insurmountable - the cost of constantly flying back and forth, the challenge of uprooting their lives and careers. 


Finally, Jenna made a brave suggestion. "What if I Moving to your city? I could look for screenwriting jobs there. We could be together."


Marco ' heart soared at the prospect, but he didn't want her to make such a huge sacrifice on his account. "Are you sure? That's a massive change. I don't want you to give up your dreams for me."


"You are my dream," Jenna replied simply. "Being with you is all that matters. Whatever it takes, I want to be by your side."


After much discussion and careful planning, Jenna put in her notice at her job and began the process of moving her life across the country. It was a huge leap of faith, but for Marco  and Elise, their love was worth the risk.


As the final days ticked away before Jenna departure, the couple savored every moment together, their usual sadness at parting replaced by a giddy sense of anticipation. Soon, the distance that had tormented them would be no more.


When the day of Jenna flight arrived, they held each other tightly at the airport, tears of joy mingling with their goodbyes. 


"I'll see you soon, my love," Marco  whispered, pressing a kiss to Jenna forehead.


"Not soon enough," she replied, her smile radiant. 


And with that, Jenna turned and headed towards her gate, her heart full of the promise of a new life together.

Mado Balkilo