Love will remain

Love is that bright spectrum in the midst of the darkness of life, and with a closer look we realize that the paths of life around us are volatile and there are many scenes and roles in it. Humans around us with it and life fluctuates and love remains the only constant thing in our life around which everything revolves.


In love, you always find reassurance for fearful souls and a stillness for that exhausting diaspora. I will not exaggerate, my reader friend, when I tell you a fact that is one of the greatest facts of life, which is that love is what facilitates us and the fear of losing love is the reason for our sacrifices so much because we have no choice but to do so. All the heroics of virtue and all the victories of wisdom are worth nothing in front of the greatness of falling in a moment of weakness in front of those we love.


It was said in the past that love is usually accompanied by pain, but they did not mention that humans are the culprits. Love is innocent of all the false allegations and false fabrications attributed to it. It is innocent of falsehood and lies. It is innocent of exhausting relationships and cold feelings. The innocence of love is summarized as being innocent of pain and disappointment. When you love, it means that you dedicate your heart to another person so that he preserves and protects him, removes the weight of the world from him, wipes the dust of life from him, defeats his fear, contains his diaspora, and grants him safety, not pain. This is how love is.


Everything in life can happen by force, except for love, because it happens with force. Doctors always say that the heart is the muscular organ responsible for pumping blood in the body, but they did not mention that love is responsible for pumping the pulse of life into the soul. From love comes a pulse that whispers gently and colors Our features are in the colors of joy. Love shines within us as the sun shines in the world. Only in love does it happen that you tread the world, fight mountains, take the feelings of your heart as a sword, and become a fighting knight, even if you have never ridden a horse in your life. Yes, only love does.


It is enough for love to believe with him and to give him everything so that he gives himself to you. Only those who are sincere in love are the ones who reach happy endings. True lovers realize that sacrifice is the basis of love and that honesty is not to leave the hand of the one you love, no matter how hard life hits you, and that our boats, no matter how torn by the waves, hands will remain clinging. With each other until the end, because in love we must realize that we will not end except together. True lovers reach happy endings, only because they have learned that just finding land that brings them together after heavy rain, hurricanes, suffering, patience and supplication is the happy ending. In the world of people, everyone leaves, loved ones leave. Friendships end, relationships whose colors fade, and everyone we thought would never go. Yes, everyone leaves and love remains. Love remains for its flags to flutter high, whispering in sacred silence that life has lied and love is true.