Miracles and love

Love is the strongest feeling that can affect a person, and when a person falls in love, that lover becomes the first and strongest influence on his life, and this influence is called in the world of love, in the name of miracles. 


That love changes the rules of man, there are many people who do not believe in love and close their hearts completely in its face, until they meet someone who breaks all these barriers, and restores their belief in love again. When love changes the rules of human beings, it does miracles.


Increasing happiness: Scientists say that a person’s feeling of love increases the rate of brain secretion of serotonin, which is one of the substances responsible for adjusting a person’s mood and giving him a feeling of reassurance, happiness and calm.


Prevents sadness and depression: When we face problems and difficulties in your life, and you are about to enter into a state of depression and sadness, the presence of your lover by your side is enough to save you from this state.



Getting rid of wounds: When he conducted a study on about 40 husbands and wives on the health benefits of love, Ronald Glaser, a researcher at Ohio State University, says that couples who enjoy a stable and calm life. They had the ability to heal wounds faster. This is because feelings of love provide the body with rest and relaxation.


Abandoning the concept of “myself first”: where the human self remains the number one in human life until he falls in love, and begins to prefer his beloved over himself, and is ready to make every effort to make him happy and sacrifice for him.


Most now seek to live an independent life, in which they work to make themselves happy and achieve their goals, until they fall in love, and the idea of sharing begins to dominate him, and he finds himself wanting to share with his lover all the details of his life.


You may be a social person, who loves to make many relationships and friendships, but, once you fall in love, you will find yourself not interested in the world around you, and satisfied with your lover only about the world.


You can have many negative qualities, and not be ready to change yourself at all, but once you fall in love, you will be ready to change yourself, not only for you, but for your lover as well.


You may be a purely practical minded person, not interested in romance, but when you fall in love, it all turns out. You will generate within you the energy of love and a desire to show that love.


So, love really works miracles, perhaps not supernatural miracles that science is incapable of, but it changes in man what he did not expect to change.

Mado Balkilo