Parting is very difficult

They left and left their memories surrounding us on every side. It is as if they are sending us a message: "Don't forget us. Always remember us. We deserve this from you. Always remember us." The most important thing is that they do not know that every breath we take reminds us of them. The most important thing is that they do not know that their imagination surrounds us wherever we go. They really do not know that we are the ones who are happy with them, that we are the ones who live in their memory. . 


Separation is a speech of silence, and when it overflows with us, its tongue is filled with tears. We do not know whether to cry for them or to cry for ourselves. The heart belonged to them, but upon separation from them, the heart becomes empty and dull, as if it were attached to them alone, as if the souls were connected by a rope of love, and that rope was suddenly cut, and a piece of your soul was torn and bound. With great pain and sadness that will never leave you, even if you pretend otherwise. The sun of your loved ones disappears from our sky, and the entire universe becomes complete darkness. The entire universe becomes without any colors, features, or sounds. There is nothing left but the echo of their voices ringing in our ears. We no longer see anything but images of their faces. We no longer remember anything else, we only remember the looks in their eyes when we said goodbye.


They were not a passing thing in our lives so that we could forget them so smoothly as if they had never existed, they were not a passing dream. These are the ones for whom our eyes shed tears. These are the ones whose presence drew our laughter. These are the ones we prostrated with. We pray to God that they will never leave us. Their features were a healing for the soul. They were a joy for the soul when Losing her joy was bringing you back to life again and putting you at the highest peaks of happiness. These are the people we spent our lives next to, so how can we bear their departure?!


What is most heartbreaking is that we were unable to reveal it and we let them leave without telling them how alienating life was without them and how much they were a home for our lost souls. Their separation is like a running eye that, after its surroundings became green, dried up.. Separation is a sadness like the flame of the sun that vaporizes memories from the heart to lift them up into the world. Its height, so the eyes answer him by scattering its water; To extinguish the flame of memories, and I wish they would be extinguished irreversibly, but they are extinguished and a spark remains that ignites the heart and returns it to its former path.


Separation is the silent killer, the dead conqueror, and the wound that never heals. Despite all this, all we have to do is be patient despite the moments of weakness that haunt us from time to time. The soul is weak and fragile and cannot bear the thought of not having those who used to leave it for a moment. It could not You absolutely get used to it. We try as much as we can to get used to life without them, but we are never able to do that. We can move on and let life pass, but we can never forget, no matter how hard we try. But patience is the best thing we can do, or it is all we have to do. Separating them may be an ordeal with which God tests our patience. If we are patient, we will rise to the ranks of the patient, but there will be moments when a person feels weak.