Some argue that the word "love" exists

It seems that attachment to someone turns love at some point into something like a mirage, and here we are talking about an advanced type of attachment. The matter here is not a matter of an emotional relationship or love between two parties. It's much more than that. Although it usually starts with mutual admiration, it develops into a meeting of souls between two parties.


This can only be achieved by meeting the characteristics of one of them and their similarity with the characteristics of the other. In this way, the relationship becomes a path of search for completion, or as Kundera defines this love in his book "The Unbearable Lightness of Being," saying: "Love is that desire to find the other missing half of ourselves."


At this level of attachment, the lover feels the dissolution of his ego in the other, a dissolution that in some way means the lover's loss of his sense of time and place. So you see the lover in the presence of his beloved prolonging the silence as if a bird was on his head. This melting of the ego happens automatically with the glow of love in the heart of the lover. There is no escape for the true lover from this melting, and no one escapes from it.


When this mingling takes place between souls, the ego dissolves completely in the other, and here love becomes a transgression of the ego. Whispering it does not whisper to another. Rather, it is as if he is whispering to himself, so you see him talking to the Beloved, the conversation of the soul to the soul. At that time, the lover’s chest becomes a pure white page, so the lover involuntarily shakes off all the dust of secrecy, the remnants of his brokenness, and his loneliness.


Love is the mixing of the soul with the soul because of the proportionality and conformity between them. If water mixes with water, it is forbidden to rid one of the other. The degrees of love between them may reach such that one of them suffers from the pain of the other. This case does not know the meaning of separation or departure. The existence of the Beloved went beyond being a physical representation, that is, for the Beloved to be present in his body, to an eternal spiritual representation. It is the meaning that when the soul is the lover, and its presence is higher than the pulse of its senses, there is no farewell here and there is no separation.


Some believe that this mixing does not become perfect unless the bodies are mixed and touched with each other. However, this touching, in reality, only expresses the fact that it represents the mixing of souls. This physical contact does not acquire its importance except as a stereotyped image of the meeting of souls. A vivid picture and an approximation for our minds, which are unable to comprehend the mixing of spirits that transcends matter. The mingling of bodies becomes embodiment, by which we understand the mingling of souls.


Talking about mixing souls and transcending the ego makes us compelled to talk about the act of embracing, as a crossing point from the limited space of the ego, and folding to the last spatial distance separating the lover’s self from the beloved’s ego, and as a pivotal point in the act of mixing. It prevents him from blending fully with his lover. This representation actually eliminates the sense of time and place. Here is a blatant completion, and a maddening crossing, from the space of the body despite its narrowness, to the space of the soul despite its vastness and spaciousness.


The space of the soul is there where there is neither where nor how, nor question nor inquiry, nor cause nor effect, nor induction nor deduction, nor matter nor logic nor reason. A space that a person can only reach by shaking off the veil of the mind in order to fortify the heart, and to leave the narrowness of sight in order to replace it with wide insight. Then and only then does he feel that love that transcends the ego. This space has no place for the mind. The meeting is with the heart, not the mind. The journey is a journey of the hearts that the mind has nothing to do with, for the heart is a being that is not bounded by a place and has no sense of time.

Mado Balkilo