The best way to live a good life

The perspective of the good life varies from person to person, yet there is still a general understanding of what this idea of the good life means to most people, in its simplest form, as a series of never-ending satisfactions, which only grows stronger with time.I see this life as wanting to get out of bed every morning, eager to bear all that each day has in store for you. It has nothing to do with material possessions or artificial sensations. A good life depends on the good deeds you do, the personal goals you strive to achieve, and the legacy you decide to leave behind as a result of the mark you make on the world around you...Here are several simple ways to live a good life.


1. Slow down and appreciate simple pleasures


Urgency and haste immediately reduce accuracy, awareness, and happiness. There is a big difference between getting things done and getting them done effectively and accurately. 


Appreciate life's simple pleasures..the best things in life are free. The simplest pleasures of life cannot be bought unless your mind is conscious of their arrival.


2. Nourishing relationships and self-sufficiency


A happy and fulfilling life is one shared with the people you enjoy being around the most. Cherish these relationships and treat your friends the way you would like them to treat you.


Be self-sufficient..Reliance on others will only lead to anxiety and frustration. Embrace your freedom and self-sufficiency. The only person who can tell you what you really want or need is yourself.


3. Learn different things and focus on your passion


Every day is an opportunity to learn something new about the life you wish to achieve or the person you wish to become. Keep inquiring and exploring.


Focus on your passion..your passion is what you love to do every day, because it gives you a sense of value and fulfillment. This can be centered on your true life purpose, which is the key to true wealth on this earth. Use your passion in the most productive and universal way and you will discover the reasons behind your most important pursuits and goals.


4. Expand your circle of acquaintances and use what you have


Meet new people who are like you and different from you in every way you can imagine. This will help you embrace the talent of individuality and realize the role you play in society.


Use what you have.. Success happens when you exceed the limits of available resources. Don't focus on what you don't have, focus on what you have and how it can help you get the rest.


5. Be clear about your goals


Your goals should be crystal clear by believing in them with all your heart and soul. You will never get where you want to go if you don't know what you want and don't think you have what it takes to get it.


Make a decision..every time you wait to make a decision, you are wasting your time and missing an opportunity. Stop hesitating and start listening to your intuition. Decisions are how we learn to effectively build the life we have always dreamed of.


6. Serious work


Work hard to get closer and closer to your goal every day.


We all need to work to earn a living, so why not make this life-consuming activity as enjoyable as possible? Make sure your work is something that drains you of energy, but also makes you feel like you're benefiting from it.


Mado Balkilo