What does love do to us?

Falling in love and belonging to an individual generates a feeling of nostalgia and longing for him always, and these are feelings that give strength to go to see him and face any matter and in the most difficult times.The longing and longing for the beloved cancels all the behaviors that the individual is accustomed to, leaving behind illogical feelings that make rationality non-existent in front of an army of flaming emotions full of love.The individual in love usually has a faster heartbeat, the movement of blood in his veins is rapid, and he has the ability to jump above the clouds, due to the strong emotion that the individual experiences.There is a slight difference between feeling love and fear, both of which create a strong reaction that is reflected in the body and requires a strong physical ability to control and confront it.These changes involve cells; Falling in love makes the body enter a state of clinging to life, and the feeling differs when the individual is sad.Love makes him live in an aura of strength and hope that does not commit suicide, in addition to that he becomes more active and warm and has the ability to create, renew and give.In addition to not missing the bright smile from his lips or even the bright radiant look from his eyes.The loving individual becomes kinder to those around him and also feels happy to help them.He also tends to spread the atmosphere of joy around him, these feelings make you look more powerful and bold. On the other hand, the feeling of sadness makes the lover tend to withdraw into himself, seclude himself in a corner, and avoid mixing with everyone. In short, love gives the individual hope in life, energy and activity that does not run out, along with the power of positive and creative thinking.


While love also has signs and indications that facilitate the process of understanding the situation in which individuals live, love is a sacred feeling that is rooted in the mind and body, and gives those who feel it enthusiasm, joy and joy.


It happens that we fall in love with people with whom we have strong friendships, and suddenly we find that our feelings towards them have changed, and we have fallen in love with them.


Or it happens that you get to know new people, and with their continuous meeting, different feelings of their own grow, and when you move away from them, you feel lonely and uncomfortable without them.


Experiencing such feelings leaves the individual confused, but all this confusion means one thing, which is that you fell in love, and the following evidence helps to understand what is going on and alleviate feelings of confusion:


When you fall in love with a certain person, you remember them all the time, you think about the happy times you spent with them, and you lose focus while working.


When you're in love, you remember all the daily details about that person, whether it's something you did together, or a place you went.


She tends to relive these moments in particular, and the memories accompanying them.


If you are very concerned about a certain person, then this is a clear sign that you are in love, so you are always interested and asked about it.


In addition, making him happy becomes the first priority in your life, and you want him to be comfortable and happy in every way, and you always try to protect him and provide everything that makes him happy.


- When you start loving a specific person, you become more interested in your outward appearance, and you wish to be more attractive in front of him.


tend to take care of your clothes and your hair; So that you can get compliments on your attractiveness, charm and good looks. Your appearance also changes.


your face becomes attractive and brighter; Because of the romantic mood that takes hold of you, and you do your best to be up-to-date, regarding news and current events, to impress him when you make the discussion.


The feeling of the unattractiveness of your loved one, his inequality in intelligence and importance.


Likewise, falling in love is accompanied by not noticing that there is anyone else in the environment, that everyone around you is not visible, because your attention is focused and directed only at him.


You take the initiative to move away from your friends, you prefer to be alone, you always think of that special person you have, you wish to be with him, and you feel lonely despite the presence of dozens of people around you.


 When you get to know a special person who interests you, you tend to get to know all his preferences and loves, and you are curious about his profession and other things, such as his favorite things such as hobbies, food and color, and understanding every detail related to his life, in addition to your willingness to do things he loves.


Loyalty or devotion, which is the other side of love; Where you tend to be faithful to the person you love and consider it special, and your attention becomes focused on him and you feel guilty when you care about someone else.


You tend to think a lot about the expectations of your very special person, and give these expectations so much importance that you don't like to be wrong.


You want to become complete in front of him, consider his opinions and needs, learn to compare him with others, and always be the winner.


The moments and times you spend with your special person are the most beautiful, happiest, and favorite


When you go out for a picnic or go to a certain place, you start discussing future plans and projects for each of you, and you take more interest in his projects and plans, to know if you are part of them, and you try to include him in every activity you do.

Mado Balkilo