When we get involved in love

If we fail to be our truth from the beginning, it is better to quit love and human relations, it is not acceptable to delude our partner with false love, to delude him that he is ours, and waste our life to prove it, spend the rest of our feelings, and make him believe us pathetically.We learned from society ironically, that love exists only with a document proving it, and because we are the product of a sick social upbringing, it was natural for us to act as society desired, so that our lives became hostage to societal ideas that make us give up our truth, in exchange for a painful truth that goes along with what others want.In the world of love, we always expect to win, and we may win, but we often don't do what we deserve. Victory in love and pounce on the partner with conviction, we get involved in behaviors that do not represent us, we do this only to impress the partner, and our true face is easily revealed, after we chase the partner, then he chases us. On the other hand, we find ourselves in front of behaviors that we used to exclude, and these things speed up the end of feelings that we did not master, because society surreptitiously forced us to believe that love is forbidden, and led us to the conviction that everyone acted stupidly. Commitment is rejected in the end, and with every justification for our actions we kill our truth, grounding in what society imposes on us.Sometimes we naively think that we got what we want in the world of love, so we try to do well to preserve our feelings, but the days surprise us with what was not taken into account, after we have been involved in our partner in all its details, and we have shared everything with him, then we do not think about going back. Or withdraw, but we ask for more after we tasted the sweetness of love that we did not master enough, after all, we are surprised by what the days have in store for us, boredom may be able to us because it is part of the love game, and our change of mood may have a role in our continuation, and there may be hidden reasons Beyond that, it's a messy love that comes hard and ends hard.Especially since these things that end this game are mostly common, and therefore there is no room for return, and things that end like this rarely come back, and it seems that they will not return, we just remain suspended between intimate memories that remind us that love may reach its limits in everything, but this Boundaries mean nothing when we cannot continue with it, so we fall into emotional disappointments that make us reconsider this feeling that we constantly desire, and desire despite its cruelty.With every new love, we have great hope that this love will be an exception, and in light of the advantages that we find in the partner, we do everything in our power to make this love an exception, live pleasant moments, justify ourselves if we are really convinced of our partner, we share everything, and we avoid with him Falling into boredom, we are freed from the constraints of relationships with each of our kings of openness and freedom, we try to build our relationship with him on great confidence, and we are satisfied with everything that drives us to longing and nostalgia, but with the passage of time we realize that everything we make or fabricate is not worthy of love, because true love It is too powerful for us to show it with rational actions, and far from living it with perfection. True love is to be ourselves with all our flaws, to accept our partner with all that he has and what he is, and to act spontaneously and exaggerated in highlighting our feelings, but otherwise it is not It is appropriate to practice it in the world of love.In the midst of our society immersed in insignificance, we try to justify things that suit our interests, and we recognize that their existence is possible, and that the problem is related to individuals, and the truth is that this is true, because individuals are the ones who disturb the peace of things, because they do not master the art of practicing life and dealing with things as they should, and therefore it was It is natural to be pessimistic about the reality of love in our society, not because of love, but because of individuals who have been brought up negatively. They are individuals full of scratches, wounds and psychological knots, despite all that they pretend, they try to cover their psychological diseases with all possibilities, but it continues to appear with Every practice is unconscious, so their facts appear, and with it the percentage of the knots in which they live, and that is why it was natural that we do not master the art of practicing love and life, and despite all that we always dream of having a share of this love, and that modesty generously gives us everything we desire, But no matter what happens to us, we will remain sick with the contract, and we will not master the art of living and the art of love, and we will only be satisfied with attempts.

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