Why do I love Jesus Christ?

All these words are beautiful and great but I never understood what it means to believe in the Lord Jesus?

This is the language of many today, and they chant or hear words, but they do not know their meaning or how to live them.

Come let's see the meaning together..


Feminists have often criticized different religions for their treatment of women, but this does not apply to Christianity. What they do not know is that Jesus Christ was one of the greatest proponents of gender equality.


Let's look at the culture in the Middle East where Christ lived; Jewish rabbis would begin their prayers in the temple, saying, “Thank you, Holy One, for not making me a woman.” Women were excluded from religious life and rarely learned the Torah. Nevertheless, we see that the disciples and followers of Christ were men and women alike, and Christ accepted this openly, which angered the Jewish religious leaders, and not only this, but that Christ did with women what he did with men; He taught multitudes men and women, performed miracles on many women, and healed others.


Jesus Christ also challenged the unjust social laws of the Jews against women At that time, for example, there was a law allowing the husband to divorce his wife for trivial reasons, such as “if dinner was not ready on time”, and despite that, the wife had no right to divorce her husband at all. . Imagine the cruelty, anxiety and feeling of insecurity that this law was causing for women!!


But Christ clearly stated that the husband and wife have the right to divorce each other only in the case of adultery, and even in this case divorce is outside the form that God wanted for marriage.


There is another social law that was prevalent at the time, which was stoning the adulterous woman to death and leaving the man without any punishment, and because they knew Christ’s view of women and how he treated them, they wanted to know what he would do in such a situation, so a number of men brought to him a woman caught in the bed of adultery with A man who may have been a friend of the family, they waited for Jesus to agree to stoning her, thinking that they put him in a dilemma from which there is no way out. If he did not agree to stoning her, he would be a traitor and an enemy of the law.


But Christ replied by saying: “He who is without sin among you, let him first throw a stone at her.” The impact of Christ’s words and his strong presence on those present, so they withdrew one by one, so Christ turned to the woman who was in a state of repentance and regret, so he forgave her and forgave her, saying: “As for anyone who condemned you,” she answered, “No.” Jesus said to her Nor do I condemn you. Go and do not sin again. Yes, no one can forgive but God and Christ is God.


“With regard to women and the oppressed,” says writer Philip Yancey, “Christ turned what was believed to be the wisdom of his day upside down. According to the biblical scholar Walter Wink, every time the Bible tells that Christ met women, we see that Jesus violated the prevailing traditions and customs of his time, equaling them with men.


It is not surprising, then, for the presence of women in front of the cross on which Christ was crucified at the time when most of the disciples fled. It authorized her to be an official spokeswoman, but Jesus authorized her to go and tell others about his resurrection, that marvelous resurrection, which is conclusive proof that Christ is indeed equivalent to God, as he previously said.


Why did Jesus ask a woman to do this? Perhaps because he wanted to confirm that he died and rose to forgive the sins of women and men, or perhaps because he wanted to know all men and women that he came to offer them complete forgiveness and to give them an earthly life based on mutual respect and equality as well as eternal life with Him to the end.


First, believing in the Lord Jesus means that you do not rely on yourself but trust in the Lord Jesus Christ who will take you to heaven. We cannot enter heaven by doing good deeds, that is, the things that we think make us acceptable to God. But rather, we need to be forgiven for our sins, knowing that the Lord Jesus died for our sins. And that His death on the cross for us is the only way for our sins to be forgiven. The Bible says:


"For him all the prophets testify that everyone who believes in him will receive forgiveness of sins in his name." Acts 10:43

"In whom we have redemption, through his blood the remission of sins, according to the riches of his grace." Ephesians 1:7

After a person believes in the Lord Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of sins, a new life begins within him. “So if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation. Old things are gone. Behold, all is new. 2 Corinthians 5:17...the person becomes a follower of the Lord Jesus. Since he is a follower of the Lord Jesus, he relies on the Lord Jesus in the rest of his life, not only in the issue of forgiveness of sins.


For example, the Lord Jesus said that he is the teacher in John 13:13-14. The Lord Jesus said to his disciples that he will send the Holy Spirit to them and the Holy Spirit will teach them everything (John 14:26) and guide them to all truth (John 16:13) God teaches man his ways and his truth. According to our values and behavior, God cleanses our thinking of all that is wrong and shows us what is right through his vision. This is another way God demonstrates His love for us.