You will find that life is still worthwhile, if you smile.

Life is a vast sea with choppy waves at one time, calm at another, and it is filled with many contradictory events. Sometimes she shows her beautiful face, and sometimes she shows her gloomy face, but despite everything, life remains beautiful with everything in it, and a person does not feel the sweetness of life unless he feels bitterness. And it is full of experiences that convey and teach man a lot, to make him an expert who knows its secrets. With her sorrows and ups and downs because she is a constant part of her, he has to adapt to all of her events. Life requires patience and persistence; Because it is able to change people and change their attitudes and principles, so it is a difficult test that all people go through, and it is a bridge to the other life that God Almighty told about, so every person must be a benefactor in his life and perform all the necessary duties on him, and in it like The wayfarer, does nothing but good, and does not expect much from it, and does not spend his days in it with long hope, but with work, because life needs seriousness and diligence, and not only for words, because life is short and cannot be postponed in literature.Life is like a long novel, in some of its pages there is joy and hope, and in some of its pages there is boredom, and in some of its pages there is sadness, and it also includes heroes, stories and tales, so every person must read his life well in order to live happily in it, and make good use of it in an optimal way in order to His life remains bright, because the days and nights never repeat, and what passes from life does not return, and it is like a fast train that does not wait for anyone. Find an asset that is like good deeds

Mado Balkilo