Your love runs through my soul

The greatest evidence that this feeling is a sacred gift, that all the civilizations of history and all the peoples of the world have expressed it in every nation in its language and every school in its style. In addition to the masterpieces of music, cinema and painting, which were often motivated by love, no matter what that love was, they are all stories representing the same thing and sides of the same coin. Conflict with him or her will turn our lives into hell devoid of any feelings.


Some may see movies or songs as the reason, but we are the reason, in fact, when we don't appreciate what we have when we don't see the love that surrounds us. A person should always be in love, because love is not limited to a narrow view of women. I find love everywhere I find it in myself and inside me because it is a reflection of my soul on my body.


One of the legends says: At the beginning of creation, there were three types of people, men and women, and beings united between them together. These were multiplying beings, with two opposite heads raised above one neck, four arms, four legs, two hearts, two stomachs, etc.. These beings conspired against the gods, and the god Zeus saw revenge on them by weakening them so that they would not return to the delay, so he divided them into two parts.. Since that day, these beings have been searching For her other half, this could be the source of love.


The Greeks had degrees of love, and the lowest of them was physical love, because it contradicts the sublime essence and the true meaning of pure virginal love. Adham Al-Sharqawi said.. A foolish invention like Valentine's Day is an official recognition that people practice hatred throughout the year and dedicate one day to love, as if Valentine should be before it.. May you be well and may the light of love shine bright in your hearts.


We all need love, and every person of different cultures and social positions has a desire to live love, because love is a reality that every individual in this existence lives. Love may be more like a link or a means aimed at an end. The end is beauty, as love is produced by seeing beauty, and love is of two types, either physical or spiritual, and both need beauty in order to grow, with philosophers asserting that spiritual love is the most complete and noblest type of love.


For the Greeks, love had degrees, the least of which was physical love, which allows a person to perpetuate his mortal existence through his offspring, then comes spiritual love, where the beloved lover falls in love, and above this love comes platonic love. , which is based on admiration due to intelligence or virtue rather than physical attraction, as it allows communication on a spiritual and emotional level, allowing for more continuity in the relationship.


Platonic lovers distinguish that they are more intellectual and emotional, as their relationship is dominated by thoughts and dreams, and their relationship is based on mental admiration so that physical love is not outward, but it is present in the being of each of the lovers. And it was mentioned that Platonic love is by transcending the impurities of matter and transcendence to the light of the soul. Love is a longing that drives a person to obtain knowledge, goodness and beauty, and a person begins with a love of beautiful forms, then rises to a love of souls, then a love of the fruit of the soul, and finally ends with a love of knowledge for its own sake. .


Love, according to Plato, is a path that ascends us by means of attraction, step by step, towards the source of all that exists, away from bodies and matter. So, according to Plato, love is graded into: the love of beauty in one specific form, then the love of beauty in all beautiful forms, followed by the love of spiritual beauty, and finally with the love of absolute beauty. And by going through all these stages, a person reaches platonic love, love for the sake of love, love of the spirit and not of matter, and thus he moves from non-existence to existence.


May this love eventually lead us to heavenly love, just as St. Augustine believed that every act of love is ultimately a timeless love. It reaches full beauty that cannot be increased or diminished.


I belong to eternal love in this world and in the unknown world.

Mado Balkilo